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We are excited to offer our Yoga Teacher Training for 2023-2024! This training will be offered in 3 modules to complete the 200hr certification. If you have felt the call to share the gift of yoga or to deepen your own understanding of the practice, this is your call!
We are taking a slightly different approach to this training, we understand how scary it can be to lead a class, our training will fully support your learning and development of your inner wisdom voice so that you will be able to lead a class from a truly heart-centered and intuitive place. We want to teach you what we feel makes Zen Riot Studio special! 
Our promise to you …

We will be here for you throughout our journey together with practice and support groups so that you can engage with your fellow classmates, bring these invaluable teachings to your life, and feel confident in sharing them with your community. This course is both in person and online learning modules. All in person weekend meetings are required attendance. In person Zoom Wednesdays will be recorded, students are asked to attend 75% of the meetings live. 

Many people have fear around teaching to others, this training will prepare you to share YOUR gift which will include not only yoga but also mindfulness, sound healing, meditation, and powerful breathwork.

This is a Yoga Alliance Approved 200hr Training.

Module 1 will focus on Philosophy of Yoga, the practice of Meditation and Pranayama (breathwork)
We will begin our training by discussing the history and philosophy of the Yoga practice. Introducing you to the roots of our Yoga Tree and the principles that create our practice. The reason we first introduce new teachers to meditation and breathwork is to establish the basis for the practice. All yoga comes first from this place of mindfulness and breath awareness. By creating confidence in your own practice, and leading meditation and breathwork, you cultivate your unique voice as a yoga teacher. 

Module 2 will focus on Mantra & Sound, Anatomy, and Asana (movement)

As we introduce our bodies to the movement practice, we also explore sound through healing instruments and voice. As you will learn, the voice is the most powerful instrument of all. The voice is what carries your intention to your students. A dive into functional anatomy will help you prepare to teach students the possibilities of moving their bodies. Our anatomy module is an online course you will be able to take on your own time. We will share and talk about this course throughout our in person meetings. At Zen Riot we teach from an intuitive perspective, through this lens we will also look into Trauma informed Teaching and Somatic Energy and Emotional practices.

Module 3 will focus on becoming the teacher, ethics, and practice

We bring the whole series together by doing what teachers do! Teach! Your practicums will include crafting and teaching a 60 minute class. 


Weekend Modules Consist of 3 days of Learning per month (2 in June):

Friday 6:00-8:00pm

Saturday 12:00pm-6:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm

2023-2024 IN PERSON Training Dates:







MAY 10-11 (Mothers Day, No class)

JUNE 7-9

JUNE 28-29 (Graduation Day)

We also meet Weekly on Live Zoom Calls

Wednesdays  6:00-8:00pm

NOVEMBER 15th - MAY 29th

No zoom Calls on: 11/22, 12/27, 1/3, 2/14, 5/1

Weekend Meetings are Mandatory. Attendance is expected during weekly live zoom calls. We are recording them, so if by chance you need to miss a call, you will be able to watch the replay to make up the hours. 


Full Training is $2900*

*Payment Plans  and Scholarships Available

Full training includes all 3 modules, the workbook, and 20 classes with Zen Riot Studio

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