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Tending to the Whole Self
Homeopathy, Yoga, Breathwork Retreat
with Jenn Crawford and Amber Hartley


October 20-23rd, 2022

Donnelly, ID

We know that our bodies are part of nature, but do we treat them that way? Do we nourish when we need? Do we rest when we need? Our society is not set up to allow us space and time to serve our own needs. We must unlearn our patterns and conditioning and teach ourselves to truly care for our earth bodies.

This Retreat is designed to tend to your WHOLE self!

We tend to our physical self through the practice of Yoga, when we move our bodies, we move our energy, shifting from "holding" to "letting go". We eat wholesome, fresh meals that honor our digestion nourish our whole body. We tune into what our cells need for optimal function, and pacify our systems with Homeopathic remedies. We silence our minds, opening to our most Sacred Selves for a complete mind, body, spirit connection.

$549 Shared Bunk Room

$699 Private Room (Limited Availability)

Payment Plan Available (please contact for payment plan)