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Dec. 9th 6:30-8pm

By Donation

Join Jenn and Ashley for an evening of energy exploration through the elements of Kundalini Yoga including group chanting, song, sacred movement and relaxation with Gong.
Chanting is the sacred song of our soul!, through this practice we are able to move energy and expand our awareness. Many people fear their voice due to several factors, believe us when we say, in a group, our voices are beautiful, please join us in this experience!
No chanting, singing or practice experience necessary.
All are welcome.
By Donation, suggested $5-20
Please sign up so we know you are coming- you can choose "free" to donate cash at door.

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The new moon is a time to release what no longer

supports you and embrace that which you desire.

As we say goodbye to this calendar year, we open a new chapter in our personal journey.

Through the wisdom medicine of cacao, we begin

with a heart opening integration of earth body

and spirit body. We move into somatic movement

paired with breath to help move constriction,

holding, tension and resistance out, and invite in

creativity, truth, wisdom and joy.

Our evening culminates with a beautifully

orchestrated sound experience that will open

your mind, body and spirit to this new potential

you have intentionally set for yourself.

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January 6th, 2023


Sliding Scale $45-55

Journey with Jenn into the ethers through ritual movement, breathwork, and guided sound journey. This is a time of reconciliation, renewal and reclamation of personal power. Join us for this practice of self care, self love and self belief. Class includes practice, self blessing ceremony and a take home crystal set.

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Sliding Scale $75-100

All of our experiences have shaped us into the person we are today. The Magical Experiences and the Challenging each have a role in how we move through the world in the present moment. Traumatic experiences, both big and small, create an imprint that lasts a lifetime. Some of these experiences help us grow, and some create blocks that can affect our daily lives. This workshop is an opportunity to meet the Inner Child, as well as the Wise Inner Nurturer, to help understand the patterning and pain, and give it the opportunity to be witnessed, and to find the power behind the pain. With this experience, you can allow the wisdom and skills you acquire to bring nurturing to your inner child through understanding, support, and integration.


In this workshop, you will…

LEARN: How to tap into your Inner Child & Wise Inner Nurturer

WITNESS: Heart opening healing session for the Inner Child Wounding and nurturing Self Care techniques to self soothe. This will be a partner practice, so you will witness and be witnessed*.

PRACTICE: Giving the heart, mind and body a chance to explore moving emotions through Somatic Yoga and Breathwork

REFLECT: Build self-awareness on how to move forward with your Inner Healer and Wise Inner Nurturer

*Please note this will be a gentle hands on healing workshop, you may be asked to hold space with light touch to another, and in return, recieve light touch. If this is something that you do not feel comfortable with, please reach out to Jenn before signing up. Thank you Kindly.