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Intentional Creation of Self

 with Lindsay Crowther

May 14th

Discover, Define, and Embody the roles and archetypes that you make and make you - you. 

In this Rebirth workshop we will:

  • Identify the major roles of your life and how you currently show up in them

  • Gain clarity over your roles as you define them with intention

  • Discover how to separate YOU (the person) from the many roles you embody

  • Learn the triggers that throw you out of authenticity and into emotional defense and reactivity

  • Establish compassionate responses to role triggers

  • Walk away with a deeper understanding of who you are with more confidence to show up in the roles you define

1pm - 2:30pm - identify and define our 3 major roles
2:40 - 3:30- triggers and grounded responses
3:30 - 4:30 - grounding yoga practice
4:30 - 5pm - mission statements and wrap up