We believe yoga is a life-altering journey, not just a physical practice, an opportunity to find your authentic self. We hope your practice will foster the love, peace and light that already exists within so that you can let it shine outside the walls of the studio. 

We love our Bench Neighborhood Yoga Studio and aim to create a sense of health and wellbeing for all of our wonderful neighbors. We offer classes, workshops and services that nourish our community and it's members. 

This yoga is for everyBODY! Let's start a Zen RIOT!

Please come visit us at the studio or contact us with any questions you may have. 




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Yoga Instructor, Healing Arts Practitioner

Jenn Crawford is a certified Yoga instructor and Co-owner of Zen Riot Studio. She aims to create a community that is united by leading healthy, happy, body positive lifestyles. The motto at Zen Riot is "Yoga for Every Body", and it is something Jenn is very passionate about. Yoga is not about putting your body into shapes, it is about taking your body and mind out of the shapes that society and the modern world has put you in and creating space inside to foster, honor and grow the love within. Jenn hopes to lead a practice that feeds the soul through body and breath awareness, the physical postures themselves are a way to nourish the vehicle our soul travels in. Jenn is a 500RYT and a Continuing Education provider as well as a Reiki Master and Bodyworker.  Jenn offers Integrative Healing Sessions and Therapuetic Bodywork at the studio. She looks forward to meeting, practicing with and guiding the wonderful people in the neighborhood! 





Reiki Practitioner/ Body Balancing

Jacq is a Co-Owner of Zen Riot Studio and a Blissful Life Enthusiast to the fullest extent. She aims to create a community that can focus on the positive benefits of living a healthy, natural lifestyle. She is motivated by everyone she meets to connect,  grow and thrive within her self and wants to share that with our community. Jacq finds her passion in energy and bodywork, creating "Sacred Waves" an integrated therapy which includes Reiki, body balancing and lymphatic stimulation. Her intention is to help others create alignment in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, thus making the space to thrive in all areas of being.

There will be laughter and love in this studio.





Yoga Instructor

Holly believes in teaching yoga as a therapeutic tool for better health, increased mind/body awareness and a deeper connection to self.  She has a strong foundation in body-mechanics with a background as a fitness instructor and mind-body practitioner since 2000. Holly has developed programs locally in the hospital and community settings and speaks at conferences on the benefits of mindfulness and mind/body connection.  Holly received her 500 hour teacher training through Shanti Yoga School, along with her Prenatal Yoga teacher Certification. Even with her full time job as a nurse and educator, and her part-time yoga teaching activities, Holly still manages to find the time to cultivate her own joy spending time with her husband backpacking and exploring.  She brings a sense of light-hearted wonder and humor to her teaching and her classes will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.






Yoga Instructor, Thai Bodywork Therapist

Bonnie’s first blush with yoga was in 1992 when she called Boulder, Colorado home. As an outdoor enthusiast and avid mountain biker, she was seeking methods to increase flexibility and prevent injury. She stumbled into Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga studio and immediately recognized that yoga offered far more than these mere physical benefits.

Soon after, Bonnie relocated to McCall, Idaho where she fell deeply in love with yoga in the warm embrace of Shanti Yoga Studio. Simultaneously, she welcomed the priceless gift of a lifetime, learning the practice of transcendental meditation from her dear friend, Denny Goodman. In 2010, Bonnie would complete her RYT200 certification with Debbie Murphy and Shanti Yoga School. Within weeks of completing teacher training, she immersed herself in the tremendously transforming study of Thai Yoga Massage and became certified under the guidance of Saul David Raye. Bonnie is honored to be a faculty and staff member at Three Oaks Academy, teaching meditation and Asian bodywork to students of massage therapy and practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork at their clinic.

In the crucible of living and breathing these practices, Bonnie has come to understand yoga as a paradigm complete in its celebration of humanity and the human form. It is a boundary-busting deep adventure and a catalyst for transformation as it tonifies and clarifies the whole being (as above, so below). A dedicated yoga practice is really an invitation to investigate your mystery, revealing your sacred, essential self. Within that unraveling, you will be nourished with the fruit of practice; embodied compassionate self-awareness, radical self-acceptance and a structure for consciousness.

Bonnie is deeply grateful for all the relationships in her life, her husband and children, for each and every lesson on the path of unconditional love.

Hare om!






Yoga Instructor and Yoga Healing Arts Practitioner

She has rumbled, stumbled, tumbled, crumbled and been humbled and through it all ... yoga served as her most potent healing balm.

Longtime local yoga practitioner Ashalome brings her mature wisdom and 25 years personal yoga experience both as the practitioner and healer. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology focused on yoga and mind-body health and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, small business coach, relationship confidante and spiritual mentor. Her passionate purpose is to support others on their path to living a peaceful and joy filled life.

Pain and injuries starting in childhood led her to yoga which quickly became her primary medicine. She integrates her knowledge of many healing systems in both western and eastern philosophy into the classes. Her 

consistent practice changed in midlife and became a deeper slower heart opening one, resulting in becoming stronger than her fears and more confident in daily life. 

She travels extensively seeking higher training and to date, has been to India for classical yoga, Greece to study with world renowned yoga teachers, and France, Peru and Egypt to study the power of meditation, breath work and 

movement from yogic masters. 

When not on a yoga mat, Ashalome can be found walking along the river, hiking the hills and playing with her energetic and beautiful grandchildren. Or in plane, train or automobile headed for parts unknown :)





Yoga Instructor

Cindy helps students develop self-awareness through inquiry by creating a safe personal space through asana sequences coupled with mindful dialogue. This grassroots style of Hatha yoga allows the student to interpret personal meaning of their practice. She believes that we each possess within our own mind the answers to the questions we are harboring or seeking. She uses principles of meditation, breath-work, and body movements to create the mind, breath, and body connection. She values the aspect of yoga as being personally informative, and potentially transformative. Cindy has an understanding of anatomy and translates instruction using the terminology of this science. She likes to balance the practical side of this discipline with the lightness of humor of an open heart. 

Cindy Curtis is the owner and Operator of  "Lavender YOGA" in Meridian Idaho; where she makes her home.

She hse been teaching yoga since 2009. Cindy graduated Shanti Teacher Training in 2013 

and is a 500 hr. R.Y.T. With Yoga Alliance.


We all show up as the sum of all our experiences...

I was born in Boise, Idaho. 

I am married, with 4 adult children who all contribute to society.

I am blessed with 5 healthy grandchildren.

I make my home in Meridian, Idaho.

I have had the honor to travel throughout my lifetime; and have created homes in many places.

I love to experience diverse cultures, countries, and food.

My favorite vacation spot is a tropical place by the sea.

I appreciate all four distinct seasons where I live and like to enjoy them out of doors.

I enjoy my family and friends, being in nature, music and reading.

I have a long history of doing exercise and my favorite form of exercise is swimming.

I believe the most beautiful thing a woman or man can wear is Confidence!





Yoga Instructor

Mantra is a vibration that nurtures the soul. It is God’s phone number. Simran means to
practice meditation, remembering God’s name in your heart and on your lips with every
breath. In essence, it means that whenever you call up God, your soul radiates. Kaur is
a name that all women receive – The Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace
and strength throughout her life. Mary has been blessed to live as Mantra Simran Kaur,
the Princess/Lioness who focuses her mind on the radiance of her soul by meditating on
God’s name.
Mary believes that yoga is not self-improvement, but the awareness to be humanly
human and divinely inspired. Yoga is calming the waters of the mind to find the inner
peace, the essence of ourselves.
In the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Mary utilizes this
ancient yogic science and technology and focuses on the activation of the vital life force
or kundalini energy located at the base of the spine. As we connect our personal
intentions and activated kundalini energy (kundalini-shakti) to pure consciousness
(kundalini-shiva), deep meditative states of peace, bliss, and connectedness are the
organic results. Being alive and aware in the present moment gives us the gift of
wonder and amazement as we explore our life with each breath.
Mary is a native of Seattle but has lived in Boise for the last 34 years. It was in the
Seattle’s environment that she was introduced to yoga and to the teachings of Yogi
Bhajan. Mary has her E-RYT 500 certification, Y12SR Leader certification, and YACEP
through Yoga Alliance. Also through Yoga Alliance and the Kundalini Research
Institute she currently is a KRI Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and member of
the Aquarian Teacher’s Academy.
Mary is an accomplished musician playing in various groups around town with her
Euphonium and playing in a Kirtan group with her Harmonium. Mary enjoys teaching all
types of yoga and bringing in the added dimension of sound. Mary retired 3 years ago
from the Boise School District after spending 35 years as a teacher and school counselor.




Yoga Instructor

Margaret completed her 200 hour teacher training in Seattle in 2013. She believes in mindfulness, connection, and intention. Yoga provides her with an opportunity to weave all of these discovers into her daily life and to be present. Teaching yoga challenges and inspires Margaret, who feels that yoga is a boundless gift.


A decade into this practice and she is still learning each day! Margaret has primarily practiced vinyasa (flow), prenatal, hot, gentle, and restorative yoga. Over the past two years she has taught gentle, restorative, prenatal and flow yoga classes, as well as private yoga lessons.




Yoga Instructor

India is a health & wellness coach, yoga teacher, and writer; currently working on bringing yoga to the mountains of Idaho where she resides, nestled in the Boise National Forest. She is a lover of quotes and asanas, the changing of seasons, old books, tattoos and chai tea. She has an English degree from BSU, and her 200hr RYT from Shanti Yoga School in Boise where she discovered her love for alignment and the intricacies and wonders of the human body. 


An avid lover of yoga for over 5 years, she wants everyone to feel welcome in her classes. With a strict non-judgement policy and a love and respect for building upon strong foundations; she offers fun, informative, challenging and relaxing classes that nourish the body and mind. She is here to help others find the freedom and release that yoga offers so that they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life. 


She makes the best chai coffee in the world and believes in open minds, open hearts, the power of the breath and inspiring others to take charge of their health & wellness so that they can feel their very best.





Yoga Instructor, Healing Arts Practitioner

Katee is a Kundalini Research Institute certified Yoga instructor. She is passionate about using ancient yogic tools to help herself and others heal mind, body and soul from the ravages of stress, worry and dis-ease. She is also interested in energetic healing arts (Reiki and Sat Nam Rasayan) and how she can use them to enrich the experience of her students.  When not working or teaching, Katee is often doing her sadhana, reading or spending time out-of-doors with her husband and pets.  




Yoga Instructor

Michelle wants to help people find the best expression of themselves and she believes yoga is one way to do this.
Having come to yoga at the early age of 12, Michelle began taking her practice more seriously post college. Having been a collegiate athlete Michelle wanted to find something that would be less impactful on her joints yet still challenge her physically. Her yoga practice began as a form of exercise, although it quickly evolved from an exercise practice to a lifestyle practice – the marriage of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Quickly, Michelle developed a growing desire to share this new-found lifestyle with others. While she and her husband lived in England she attained her RYT200 certification from Yoga London. Michelle taught in her local village and joined the admin team of YL. After returning to Boise in 2014 Michelle taught prenatal yoga and volunteered at the VA teaching veterans how tap into the breath and integrate subtle movement into their everyday. Michelle’s teaching style is powerful and steady. She believes sound fluid movements create strength, which comes out in her vinyasa and yin classes. Michelle also holds a RYT500, Prenatal Yoga, and Kids Yoga certification. She has led local
workshops on making malas and trainings about self-care and burnout, holding space, and meditation.



Yoga Instructor

Desiree Lopez, a 5th generation Idahoan, lives in Meridian with her young daughter and welsh corgi. After years of battling with chronic pain it was recommended by her physician to explore yoga for pain management. She began with gentle movement in her home and it didn't take long for her to see the benefits of the practice. Early on, Desiree realized she wanted to be able to share with others what had helped her so much. She joined Shanti Yoga School of Boise and received her 200 hour certification. Soon after, she chose to begin the 300 hour program continuing her education in specialized variations of yoga including Viniyoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga. She has a lobe for mindful movement for all bodies and believes a yoga practice should be sustainable and accessible to all. She likes to keep her practice gentle and bring it back to the basics by linking the breath with dynamic movement.


In her free time she enjoys riding her bike with her daughter, as well as using her creativity in art, crafting and design. She works as a painting instructor at a local business in Meridian and has her original artwork displayed throughout local yoga and wellness studios across the treasure valley.


Asher Countryman has always been on the journey of love. Life has given her many trials and yet she always finds herself to rise above the challenges. There are many tools she has learned to help her with those challenges such as; Shakti Naam Yoga, Harmonyum, Kabbalah of Birth (Pre/Post Natal Yoga), Holistic Health and Life Coaching, and inner intuitive intelligence.
Asher now uses these skills to be of service to her local community and humanity around the globe.
Asher currently resides in Boise Idaho as the creator of Sacred Attunement an(outreach wellness program). Asher and her community of Healers are here to be of service to the Treasure Valley and beyond.


Yoga Instructor

Ali first limped onto a yoga mat as an injured college track athlete over ten years ago, which started a lifelong love of this practice that moves and heals the body, mind, and soul on and off the mat. Since then she has completed over 500 hours in training primarily at her home studio, Yoga Garden in San Francisco. She offers her own unique style of vinyasa class, inspired by her teachers who drew from Shiva Rea, Iyengar, Rasa, and Tantric backgrounds.

Ali's Vinyasa Flow class is open to yogis of all levels, including beginners and more advanced practitioners. You will leave a little sweaty, yet also relaxed and equipped with new tools to help you accomplish your wellness goals, whether you hope to build strength, improve your posture, become more flexible, focus your mind, or connect to your greater Self. Each class is uniquely tailored to student experience, context, and the time of day and or season.

Beyond the mat, Ali lives a yogic lifestyle and is committed to helping her students improve their overall wellness by incorporating yogic techniques into daily life. She is the Executive Director of a nonprofit, Jesse Tree, which prevents people from being evicted from their homes.


Yoga Instructor

Elyssa earned her 200 HR YTT  300 HR internship in Utah in 2015. Elyssa's training is based in Ashtanga Yoga, though her approach to teaching has evolved from the flow of the Primary Series. She uses the structure of Ashtanga as she guides vinyasa classes designed to emphasize the importance of proper, intuitive alignment and breathwork for those who are newer to their yoga practice or even for an experienced practitioner who wants to slow-down, check back in with their breath and relearn their inner-form. She aims to create an environment where students can more easily focus inwardly and bring a more authentic awareness to how they feel in their bodies. 



Qigong Instructor

Dr. Michael Bittner blends western practicality, free spirit and authenticity in teaching, coaching, healing and leadership. 

Michael is an ordained Taoist Priest (Kong Chuyi) in the American Dragon Gate Lineage under Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Li Chang Dao), a High Level Qigong Teacher, and 22nd generation Longmen Taoist Priest. In addition, Michael is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, yogi, spiritual coach, qigong teacher and Feng Shui designer. Bittner earned his Ayurvedic Health Practitioner credential from the Vedansha Institute of Yoga and Vedic Science in Rishikesh, a 400-hour Qigong certification from the Qigong and Daoist Training Center in Sebastopol, his 500-hour yoga certification from Kripalu in the Berkshires, his 200-hour yoga certification from the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga in FL and graduate credentials in Feng Shui Interior Design and Interior Design from the Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York City. Michael has received advanced training in Acupressure from Dr. Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. and additional yoga training from Phoenix Rising and Yoga Fit.


Yoga Instructor

Kim is a yogini, mother, seeker, sailor, earth lover, moon goddess, and a teacher. 
Kim has been physically active all of her life and began her teaching career as a fitness and aerobics instructor in 1992. She has been actively involved in the field of transformational growth for 25 years and as a student of life, she embraces the concept of “wisdom through experience”. As her life evolved with transformational work and fitness, she found the practice of yoga to be the perfect combination of bringing the mind, body and spirit together. She continues her work of transformation using the body as a guide: physically, emotionally and energetically.
She blends together the various styles of yoga she has studied along with her personal experiences to bring to life her own eclectic style of yoga; one’s own body, the rhythm of the breath and adaptation are the foundation for a well-rounded class accessible to all levels of yoga practice and all body shapes, sizes & abilities. While she has studied with some note-worthy teachers, she continues to believe that her greatest teachers are her students.
















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