We believe yoga is a life-altering journey, not just a physical practice, an opportunity to find your authentic self. We hope your practice will foster the love, peace and light that already exists within so that you can let it shine outside the walls of the studio. 

We love our Bench Neighborhood Yoga Studio and aim to create a sense of health and wellbeing for all of our wonderful neighbors. We offer classes, workshops and services that nourish our community and it's members. 

This yoga is for everyBODY! Let's start a Zen RIOT!

Please come visit us at the studio or contact us with any questions you may have. 






Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Energy Practitioner

Jenn Crawford is a certified Yoga instructor and Co-owner of Zen Riot Studio. She aims to create a community that is united by leading healthy, happy, body positive lifestyles. The motto at Zen Riot is "Yoga for Every Body", and it is something Jenn is very passionate about. Yoga is not about putting your body into shapes, it is about taking your body and mind out of the shapes that society and the modern world has put you in and creating space inside to foster, honor, and grow the love within. Jenn hopes to lead a practice that feeds the soul through body and breath awareness, the physical postures themselves are a way to nourish the vehicle our soul travels in. Jenn is a 500RYT and a Continuing Education provider as well as a Reiki Master and Bodyworker.  Jenn offers Integrative Healing Sessions and Therapeutic Bodywork at the studio. She looks forward to meeting, practicing with, and guiding the wonderful people in the neighborhood!


Yoga Instructor

India is a health & wellness coach, yoga teacher, and writer; currently working on bringing yoga to the mountains of Idaho where she resides, nestled in the Boise National Forest. She is a lover of quotes and asanas, the changing of seasons, old books, tattoos and chai tea. She has an English degree from BSU, and her 200hr RYT from Shanti Yoga School in Boise where she discovered her love for alignment and the intricacies and wonders of the human body. 


An avid lover of yoga for over 5 years, she wants everyone to feel welcome in her classes. With a strict non-judgement policy and a love and respect for building upon strong foundations; she offers fun, informative, challenging and relaxing classes that nourish the body and mind. She is here to help others find the freedom and release that yoga offers so that they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life. 


She makes the best chai coffee in the world and believes in open minds, open hearts, the power of the breath and inspiring others to take charge of their health & wellness so that they can feel their very best.



Yoga Instructor, Women’s Transformation Coach 

Sandra is a 200RYT certified instructor trained through the Kundalini Research Institute. Yoga has been a part of her routine in some form or another for much of her adult life.  Sandra is excited to be a part of the Zen Riot community that embraces everyBODY and everyone. She strives to help students feel calm and self nurturing through yoga, meditation and mantra practices. She loves using the concept of integration and embodiment of the mind, body and soul into each practice because of how easy it is to be disconnected from ourselves in our modern culture. She is a certified life coach and has been helping women navigate challenges for over seventeen years. Sandra offers support groups and personalized coaching for women of all backgrounds who are going through difficult life transitions to have less anxiety, feel better and be more confident. Sandra is also a writer and in her spare time loves to spend time with her family or hike in the Boise foothills. She has two adult daughters (that she is tremendously proud of), one very active grandson and lives with her best friend who happens to be her husband.



Yoga Instructor

Amanda is a Boise girl through and through, born and raised.  She began doing yoga over a decade ago as a way to get a "work-out" for her body, it was only a matter of time before the workout became a workout on the inside. She found that yoga did so much more than just strengthened her body--it expanded her mind and quieted and mellowed the fluctuations that arise from everyday life.  In 2018 Amanda took her first teacher training and is a 200hr YTT.  Since receiving her training certificate Amanda has taught Hot yoga, Vinyasa, and Yin.

She finds joy in doing Chakra work, moving through asanas, getting comfy in silence and stillness through meditation, and still enjoys that yoga can offer a sweaty challenge.  

Amanda loves to focus her classes around vibrational energy, whole body, and breath awareness, with a strong emphasis on form & function.  Her goal is that each student can take the work they do on their mat, off of their mat, and apply that work and energy to their everyday lives--making "calm" their SUPER-POWER! Always a student first, she knows she has much to learn and is ever-evolving and growing through life and its impermanence.  

An avid lover of the great outdoors, Amanda can be found playing in the mountains, desert, or on the beach with her husband and 3 kids.

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Yoga Instructor

Lindsay Crowther is a sage of spirit and science. She couples metaphysical healing systems with modern research-backed science to identify misalignment in the mind, body, and spirit. As a registered yoga and meditation teacher and experienced Akashic record reader, Lindsay’s courses and programs create a nurturing space to discover the whole self.


As the founder of The Big Ass Yoga Class, Lindsay creates space for women of all sizes to form deep, meaningful connections to their bodies. Her small group and 1:1 online programs use modern science and ancient energetic philosophy to heal limiting beliefs, past trauma, and negative karmas while cultivating a deep and unwavering sense of self. 


Lindsay uses the Chakra system as a roadmap to both deep healing and intention creation. It is within the energetic body that all things are created or not created. 


You can catch Lindsay leading movement at Zen Riot on Thursday nights, or to get on the wait list for the next Big Ass Yoga Class, click here https://www.lindsaycrowther.com/mobile-connect

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Yoga Instructor, Healing Arts Practitioner

Katee is a Kundalini Research Institute certified Yoga instructor. She is passionate about using ancient yogic tools to help herself and others heal mind, body and soul from the ravages of stress, worry and dis-ease. She is also interested in energetic healing arts (Reiki and Sat Nam Rasayan) and how she can use them to enrich the experience of her students.  When not working or teaching, Katee is often doing her sadhana, reading or spending time out-of-doors with her husband and pets.  



Yoga Instructor, Energy Healing Practitioner

Crystal is a holistic healing guide. She has a huge passion for building and connecting to the community aroudn her. Crystal came to find holistic/metaphysical healing during her “rock bottom” and meditation and reiki practices saved her life.  Since discovering these practices, she has founded a woman’s community support group: “Magenta 31,”  where she discovered the joy of teaching. This led her to leaving a 20-year career in the beauty industry to serve as a metaphysical life and yoga/meditation coach. Recently she opened a physical location in Boise, ID, and now offers her  signature service- The Ultimate Healing Facial! Where she has blended her experience as an esthetician with her passion for holistic healing!

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Yoga Instructor

While living in Asia, Lisa studied Mandarin, TM, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Qi Work and Meditation which rooted her holistic teaching approach to yoga.  Recently she trained in Reiki, Yin Yoga, Kundalini and Ayurveda I.  With a rooted passion in Eastern Methodologies she is continuing the path of learning Taoism, Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine through Zen Spot Institute.  She has a deep interest to teach not only the physical part of yoga but to provide ways for students to connect to their inner life force ultimately finding lightness in their entire being. Lisa is passionate about teaching and practicing Pranayama and Reiki as they are self-healing magic for the body.  She has her 500 RYT and always has the next yoga training on her calendar with the intent to bring newly attained knowledge to her next yoga class.



Yoga Instructor



Yoga Instructor