Thai Bodywork is an invitation to reframe your ideas about the benefits of massage as a catalyst for optimal health and well being. It is a potent salve for the human body and spirit as a whole. It is a beautiful combination of acupressure, stretching, twisting, energy work, breath work, and meditation all rolled into one experience. Thai massage aims at stimulating the flow of energies in the body by working sen lines (think energy pathways of the body!) to open the places which are blocked, relieve the places where there is too much, and bring the whole into balance. This is why Thai sessions always address the full body.
Thai massage is practiced on the floor on soft mats. The recipient remains clothed, so please arrive for your appointment in loose and comfortable clothing.



This session integrates sacred bodywork from ancient traditions meant to heal mind, body and soul. Each session is intuitively guided by energy and spirit, to create the most effective pathway to energetic healing. The work is deep, yet gentle and non-invasive to the body, it promotes relaxation, circulation and energetic movement of the entire being. The premise behind the work is communication between the practitioner and the bones of the client. It is the bones that relay the messages that lead to soul healing. This session is done on a table, and often integrates essential oils for mood and emotional balancing and healing.



60 minute sessions will focus on working each line in the body while incorporating gentle stretches $60

75 minute sessions allow for extra time with compression and stretching techniques $75


90 minute sessions will include deeper attention to legs, hips, low back, and shoulders. $90

Combine any 4 sessions for a 10% discount.

Packages are a wonderful way to keep your promise to invest in your own self care and they can also be shared or gifted.


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"You know you love a modality when you experience it and know that it is something you want to learn. This is what happened for me when I had my first Thai Bodywork session with Jenn. Since then, I’ve had several more sessions. Every time, my muscles are relaxed, my tension eases and my body rebalances. At the end, my body feels open and clear and it is restorative energy work. She is attentive, professional and she’s compassionate. I highly recommend a Thai Bodywork from Jenn and I’m grateful for her tender care."

~Tanya K.

“Jenn has a fantastic ability to find exactly what you need out of a session. The Studio Space is so relaxing and pure. I always leave a bodywork session with my body feeling looser and my head full of positive energy that I can feel even the next day. I highly recommend!"

~Katy R.

"I just got my first Thai Bodywork session and oh my gosh it felt sooooo good. Will definitely be going back again. Big shout out to Jenn Crawford. If you need to loosen up from being in your office chair, she is the lady to see. Thank you!"

~Daniel F.

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