Good Vibes Only

January 18, 2016

Some days it is hard to be positive, some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, with cramps, or a backache, with a headache or a laundry list of errands or a pile of bills and you think to yousrself "I would rather just stay in bed today". But staying in bed usually means those things are waiting for you, like little monsters outside your door, and they most likely will not go away until you tackle them. And, do you notice, when you are done, how awesome you feel!!! 

Here is a challenge; the next time you wake up with that feeling, say to yourself (you may need to repeat it a few times) "today is flipping awesome, I am going to tackle the crap out of this stuff" and just see how you feel through the rest of the day, instead of being bogged down by things you do not want to do, change your mind about them, change your mind about the monotony of laundry, laundry is a gift, clean clothing is a gift, be grateful for your laundry, be grateful for the options you have to not do laundry and still have clean clothes that keep you safe and warm. 

That is really all it takes, change your mind, it might change your life.


Namaste Loves.




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