Your Spirit Animal

January 13, 2016

Many ancient stories, myths and legends speak of humans being able to communicate with Animals. At one time in our not so distant past we spoke the same language and were able to understand, help and protect one another.  Unfortunately due to the lack of trust or interest in the animal kingdom, we lost that power, and human and animals began to live separately.  Where once our lives as humans relied on the lives of animals, we now rarely see them in their natural environment, as most of us live in urban dwellings and seeing a bird is about as close to nature as we get some days.


The term Spirit or Power Animal is not a new term, it is an ancient term used by tribes and cultures that believe each individual has their own Spirit Animal Guides. This Animal is ones personal guide and teacher to the true self. As humans we are bogged down by thoughts and feelings about ourselves that have been shaped by the world around us. Animals live instinctively, without reservation or self-doubt, they are in fact, their true selves. By finding our Spirit or Power Animals, we have the opportunity to reclaim our own power and begin to live our lives as our true selves.


Meeting your spirit or power animal can be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When journeying to meet your animal for the first time, never be disappointed if you find that you were expecting Elephant, but instead meet Chipmunk. Animal guides come to us with a mutual need, therefor, they have something that will help you, and in turn you help them by strengthening their power as you honor them and grow. Power animals will change in time, you may not meet the same animal in every journey, they will however continue to watch over you, so it is important to honor them and remember how they have helped you in the past, and could of course return in the future to assist you with things you may have lost or forgotten.


The most simple way to meet your Spirit Animal guide is by journeying. Journeying is a meditation that will bring you to a world where your spirit guides live. Journeying is used by Shaman practitioners, healers and many energy workers to help themselves, others and communities heal, grow and strengthen.


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