This reading invites you to choose different areas of your life to navigate and discover hidden gifts, messages or even blockages you may have on your current path. The reading often involves working with aura and past life energies that may need a more thorough examination. We can then remove any blocks or misplaced energies, allowing your path to open to opportunities of joy, healing, bliss or new beginnings. This session blends intuitive healing with tarot, oracle and meditations for a complete exploration of the path you are on and the shifts you can take to better navigate your personal journey.


Your inherent nature is that of love and joy, if you are not currently in the flow with your own body and spirit, you may be missing these things that belong to you!. This session specifically tunes into your life path. We tap into your spirit guide for answers to guide you to your next step of the life you were meant to live! 


Sometimes our partners are not always good at communicating, and sometimes we are not always good at communicating our needs, wants and desires. This reading will help break those blockages of your heart and throat chakras and allow your words to come from truth, which ultimately is what we are all seeking to hear. In this reading we tune into our higher selves, navigating a gentle and kind way to take the next step to a blissful and loving relationship.


Do you ever wonder how you know things, or why you feel at home in certain places or with certain people? Do you often have Deja Vu? This reading focuses on your soul's past lives and what experiences have brought you into the current life and situation you are in. Navigating your past lives can help open up new ways of seeing things, of why things happen why patterns in your life are repeated and what you can do to change them. Past lives can also bring insight to your strengths and ancient wisdom and knowledge that is locked away in your soul's memory, this session we look for the key and open the door!


Energy Healing is a powerful medicine. During your reading we will discover what energies in the body could benefit from energy medicine. Jenn uses several modalities of healing, based on client needs. 

The different Modalities She works with are:

-Therapeutic Touch



-Guided Meditation

-Sacred Shamanic Bodywork

-Shamanic Extraction

-Shamanic Soul and Spirit Guide Retrieval



Intuitive Oracle Reading 60 Minutes .... $59


Intuitive Reading plus Energy Healing 90 minutes .... $89


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"Just had a reading with Jenn! Words cannot express my gratitude. She is so in tune with Spirit. She answered all my questions before hand and gave me guidance as to how to word my question for Spirit. I walked away with hope and excitement on my journey to come. She is humble yet extraordinary."

Amber H.

"Jenn is such an amazing intuitive! In all my years I have never had anyone read me as well as she did. I am still so inspired and amazed by my session with her!"

Jennifer B.

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